Halvor Weider Ellefsen - PARTNER
Graduated with a Master in Architecture from Kunstakademiets Arkitektskole in Copenhagen, 2005. With experience from different architectural practices, crutatorial work for several exhibitions and a position as assistant professor at the Oslo School of Architecture, Ellefsen became partner in MALARCHITECTURE in 2017. Ellefsen is recieving his doctorate degree, Ph.D., in March 2017 for his research on the relations between political-economic practice and architectural production in Oslo, 1982-2012.


T: 0047 - 481 93 099

Mirza Mujezinovic - PARTNER
Graduated as sivilarkitekt at NTNU in Trondheim (2001). As a Fulbright Fellow, Mirza was awarded a postgraduate degree, Master of Science in Advanced Architectural Design, at GSAPP/Columbia University in New York (2004). After defending his thesis 'The Architecture of the Urban Project', he received a doctorate degree, Ph.D., at the Oslo School of Architecture (AHO) (2016).


T: 0047 - 470 15 667

Mirza Mujezinovic